Are you ready to install a High Function

Are you ready to install a High Functioning & Long Lasting Wastewater system? It’s important to consider the longevity of your design at the beginning and that begins with some simple, but vital, steps that need to be taken. The installation process begins with some basics like evaluating the soil and the surrounding landscape. Soil can differ greatly in terms of texture, structure and density. These factors can all affect how drainage occurs. A soil test is conducted and is an absolutely crucial part successfully managing onsite wastewater. In addition to the composition test, the layout of your site needs to be assessed. Is there enough gravity for the contents to flow from the house to the septic tank or will an effluent pump need to be utilized? From there, does the effluent need to be treated or directly moved to the soil treatment? Again, is a pump necessary or can gravity do the heavy dropping? Each of these answers directly impacts the size of the pump and the design and placement of the pipes to be laid. Installed correctly, along with regular maintenance, a system should last indefinitely. Please contact the experts at Alberta Septic & Excavating for a free quote!

(source: Onsite Installer. September 2014, “The Installer’s Creed” p. 22)


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