Feminine Hygiene and Septic Systems

Feminine Hygiene and Septic Systems
One of the most unpleasant jobs we do is replace pumps that have been plugged by tampons, condoms or baby wipes. These products will get caught up in the septic pump and cause the pump to fail. If you have a tank alarm, you will be warned that you have a problem before you have sewage on your basement floor. At this point hopefully you will discover that your pump has been jammed and is malfunctioning. You will need to call the vac truck and have the tank thoroughly cleaned to remove the foreign objects. If the problem is not identified the tank will quickly fill again and the alarm will once again ring. If you do not have an alarm you may want to consider adding one. Feminine hygiene, condoms, baby wipes, etc… should not be flushed down rural or private septic systems! It’s a nasty job to fix, but Alberta Septic & Excavating replaces failing pumps for various reasons. We can also add alarms to existing systems.