Alberta Septic is thrilled to begin the

Alberta Septic is thrilled to begin the 2019 construction season with an exciting announcement! We recently purchased our very own line locate equipment! Our line locate equipment will allow your project to proceed in a timely fashion and avoid costly, dangerous mistakes. Safety and quality are always our number one priorities. Accordingly, we have a record of excellence and a solid history of satisfied customers. Please note: Alberta 1 Calls will still be needed. Our intent with this equipment is to be able to verify the marked locations of buried utilities within our work areas, and locate customer owned lines that Alberta 1 Call does not cover. If you have any excavation, septic, or earth moving needs in 2019, please give us a ring!
Alberta Septic ā€“ a small, family company with a big heart!
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Phone ā€“ 403-559-6729


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