Are you planning to build this spring? H

Are you planning to build this spring? Here are some things you should consider regarding a Private Treatment Sewage Treatment System (PSTS):

1) As a homeowner, you are 100% responsible with complying with Alberta’s Private Sewage Standard of Practice.
2) Your site should be evaluated, as that will impact the type of system that will work best on your property
3) Check with your municipality for any bylaws regarding a PSTS
4) Soil matters! Condition and topography may limit your options
5) Permits are required!
6) Volume of waste will need to be estimated for a properly working system
7) Maintenance – an ounce of maintenance is worth a pound of cure!

Sound confusing? It can be! Let Alberta Septic and Excavating take care of the details and plan a proper system that complies with Alberta’s standard of practice! We are booking now, so call today!

source: Safety Tips. (January 2012) . Private Sewage Treatment Systems. [Brochure] Government of Alberta.


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