Ground Water Problems in your Basement

Having ground water problems in your basement?

We have seen a lot of 20-30 year old houses lacking a sump pit in the basement. You could break out the floor and add one. However do you actually have weeping tile? And if you do where is it going? You still don’t know. Alberta Septic & Excavating has seen a lot of houses with weeping tile installed but going nowhere.  Ie. Not directed into a sump pit or graded down-hill until the end hits daylight. So where is the water supposed to go? We can excavate to the footing, find the weeping tile if it exists. Then install a sump complete with pump and even an alarm if you like. Now you are tied into weeping tile, and have a water collection point that is 2-3 feet below your basement floor that you can pump away from your house. What if we don’t have weeping tile down there you ask? Every site is different but in some cases we have been able to add weeping tile and the sump and still solve the problem. We have fixed some very difficult and unpleasant situations. Give us a call maybe we can help. Oh and we only install weeping tile with sock, so yours won’t end up looking like the clogging weeping tile in the picture. Website:

External Sump Install 3

Installing sump.

External Sump Install 2

External Sump

Silt filling up weeping tile.  Alberta Septic only uses weeping tile with sock.

Silt filling up weeping tile. Alberta Septic only uses weeping tile with sock.


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