Replace Old Septic Tank

Replace Your Old Septic Tank

Replacing your old septic tank can preserve the life of your septic system, and save you greater money down the road.  There are many signs that may indicate it is time to replace your septic tank such as:  risers that are crumbling, center wall disintegrating, baffles rotting off, or tank leaking.  Replacing a poor functioning septic tank has many benefits such as preserving your septic field, preventing potential accidents, and maintaining the surrounding environment.  A tank that is leaking solids into the septic field will cause the field to clog.  This can have irreversible damage and cause possible sewer back up.  A tank with crumbling risers is a safety issue with children possibly falling through the rotten top.  Finally, there are environmental concerns with sewage leakage such as contaminating ground water.   Replacing an old septic tank has many advantages and can save you money in the long run.  Alberta Septic & Excavating replaces old septic tanks.


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